Cesare Balbis

Cesare Balbis, born of Aostan parents on October 21st – 1934, with more than fifty years of air experience clocking up 8.000 hours of flying time without automatic pilot and 9.000 mountain landings, continues taking photos from his plane to make people discover the beauties of the mountains. Member of the Aero Club of Italy since 1950. President and promoter of the first association of mountain pilots in Italy in 1971 First-class licence in 1960, second-class licence and glider’s pilot licence in 1962. Third-class licence with second-class navigator’s licence in 1967. Glided powered and aircraft flying instructor in 1962. Mountain flying instructor in 1973. Enrolled as member of the ENGA since 1972. He has taken part in 15 Italian flying competitions, overcoming different tryouts, and coming in the absolute fourth position twice, reaching , in 1975, the seventh position of the national results. In 1973 he participated in the European Championship at Anger.

In 1969 he worked together with Air Alps in the training of professional pilots in France and in the Sixties he managed Aero Aosta, participating in the first air rescue operations in high mountain. He supported the construction of Italy’s first highland airport in Chamois.

He landed on a glacier for the first time in 1964 and since then he touched down glaciers all over the Alps, reaching the Norwegian Artic Circle in 1988. In 1975 he wrote the first edition of his book ”I monti dal Cielo” awarded with the Bancarella Sport prize.

He has taken part in all main sportive gliding contests: Austriaglider in 1984, Americanglider in Nevada in 1990, Anwaide in Germany in 1979 and three editions of the alpine flying world cup in France. He has flown in Austria, Spain, Switzerland and overseas in Argentina, Florida and Australia overtaking nine Italian records.